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Bail Bonds for the Irvine Jail

The city of Irvine is among the better-known areas in Orange County due to its proximity to the Interstate 5 freeway. It is run by an elected city council and mayor and it also has its own police department. Anyone who is arrested by the Irvine Police will be transported to the Irvine Jail.

The Irvine Police Department Jail is located at: 1 Civic Center Place Irvine, CA 92606.

If you've been asked to help get someone out of the Irvine Jail there are several things you'll want to keep in mind. When you cosign for the defendant you will become the indemnitor on their bail bond. As the indemnitor you're taking responsibility for two key things. First, you're agreeing to take legal responsibility this person will go to court when they are supposed to. Second, you're agreeing to pay the bondsman's 10 percent fee.

The cost to hire a bondsman is set according to state law and this fee is not something you will get back.

Failure to appear

If a defendant fails to appear there are several things that will happen. The judge will revoke their bond and issue a bench warrant for their immediate arrest. If they missed court due to being stuck in traffic, because they are sick or because they got their dates mixed up, this can be fixed very quickly. You'll want to call your bondsman right away and ask for a Reassumption of Liability. This is a piece of paper that the defendant will need to bring to the court; it will allow for the warrant to be lifted and the court date to be rescheduled.

On the other hand, if the defendant skipped town because they're trying to evade prosecution, this is where things can start to get messy. The bondsman and the inseminator will have a set period of time to get this person back into the system. If they fail they will become jointly responsible for coming up with the full bail amount. That sum will need to be paid directly to the court as a penalty.

The bottom line is that signing a bail bonds agreement form does come with responsibility- so if the person in custody is someone you don't know all that well or if this is the first time you've heard from them in a very long time, you might suggest they call a close friend or family member.

If you have questions about how bail works, flexible bail bonds payment plans or the responsibilities you'll take on as a cosigner, we can help.

Call our office today at 714-676-8484 today to learn how we can help get someone out of the Irvine Jail fast.

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